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Foods to Prevent or Fight Cancer

By Dr Thomas Lodi

I chose the word, “Fight” to be used in the title of this discussion because it demonstrates how people think about cancer and all other sorts of “disease” for that matter.  The fact that the chemical composition of plants (phytochemicals) found in many species has specific “anti-cancer” properties when eaten is not at all in question. What needs to be replacedprior to discussing these issuesany further is the fundamental template for understandingthat we have in regards to cancer and other “diseases”.This requires that we have a paradigm shift from the “disease model” to the functional/metabolic model, which recognizes that we are fundamentally as much a part of nature as is a butterfly, an oak tree or a gorilla.  Then, and only then is it possibleto develop rational programs that will resolve, in healthful fashions any and all dysfunctional physiological states, known as “ill health”.

The substratum of this corrected paradigm is as follows; nature is perfect in that it always functions out of necessity and whose imperative it is to achieve or maintain optimal functioning of the organism, which is precisely its requisite contributionto the synchronized operations of all other organisms resonating to the harmonic voicings of the divine. All one needs in order to most appropriately and correctly comprehend and intercede in any situation with a particular organism, is to know that organisms’ niche and it’s functional role or requirements in that niche.

With this renewed understanding, the concept of ‘disease’ vanishes as a separate entity or as an inherited predisposition to become dysfunctional.  In fact, all genetically transmitted “errors”, such as gene translocations, are fully exhibited early in the organism’s life and with the exception of humans; these individuals do not go on to produce offspring.

What is usually referred to as “disease” is actually the body (nature) undertaking a series of biochemical and physiological actions to restore balance, or homeostasis as a consequence of being in a destabilizing internal or external environment.  This restorative ‘dance’ becomes abundantly clear when one carefully dissects the operations of the body leading to what has been named, ‘diabetes type 2’ or ‘hypertension’ (high blood pressure) or even the chest pain called ‘angina pectoris’.

In any condition wherein the body is in an environment that is antithetical to its designed functioning, i.e., exposure to toxic chemicals or radiation or diminished capabilities of waste disposal,there is a reflexive set of actions undertaken by the approximate 100 trillion cells constituting the human body to maintain the synchronized congruence of cellular and physiological functioning.  Consequently, blood pressure may rise to maintain flow in a system of arteries that have developed an inflammatory response to diet related toxins in the blood, cells become insulin resistant to protect themselves from the deleterious effects of excess sugar, or pain is so severe that eating is prohibited and rest is mandated. These are corrective measures, not enemy combatants; processes, not entities.  

In as much as plants are the native foods to primates, they contain all such materials that would be most favorable to maintaining their maximum capabilities as established by their genetic potential.  For those uncertain regarding the natural food of primates, a simple cursory review of the anatomy and physiology, as well as the eating habits of undomesticated primates will quite easily correct this knowledge deficit.

So, to come around to the conclusion that plants contain natural chemicals that possess medicinal value for humans is tantamount to the augmented comprehension found in a child who had previously mastered addition and subtraction, when he learns that 4 divided by 2 equals 2. It is simply the, “oh yeah, of course” phenomenon.

Obviously, some plants are not appropriate for humans and if ingested could result in death, while other plants can be tolerated but are not useful and yet, still others areeasily digested and assimilated into vibrant flesh, blood and energy.

Clearly then, as alluded to previously, it is necessary to understand the function of the organism within the niche, or environment to which it is suitedfor by nature if one is going to assist the remedial process.  Zookeepers are quite aware of the value and necessity of this most vital knowledge concerning the hostages to whom they have responsibility for establishing and preservinghealth, or sustained viability. Whereas physicians find themselves captives in the same prison built of ignorance and shackled by malignant protocol as are their unwitting victims who are ultimately sacrificed at the alter of greed.

This artificial dilemma or predicament holds true only for humans and their domesticated pets or captives in zoos and science laboratories.  All other creatures are directed through life by instinct and there is never a question of what, how or whether to eat under any and all circumstances.

Humans would naturally eat abundantly of a variety of plants and fruits, nuts and seeds, as do their ‘cousins’ in the tropics.  They would enjoy vitality into old age without the requirement of corrective processes (“disease”), if they were not enculturated, becoming oblivious to their instincts and strangers to their indigenous natures.

We are left then with the task of identifying which, of the plants that constitute the native diet of humans would be most propitious or worthwhile when cancer or some other corrective process has brought the ravenous slave of appetite to their knees.  The answer is that all of the plants and fruits in their delectable medleys and diverse assortments should be eaten with relish and gratitude in the form that nature has seen fit to produce them. When eaten in their unadulterated and pristine form, gluttony is impossible and appropriate and healthy intervals will automatically occur between meals.

The plants then that are especially helpful with regards to human cancers involve quite an extensive knowledge of botany, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology and histology or we can just follow our tastes. That is, if they had not been perverted earlier on in life before we even knew that we were alive; during our preverbal state which lasted up to about 3 years of age.  After that age, all of our additionally acquired “tastes” were merely embellishments upon the original appetite imprints transmitted by our parents indicating their manufactured loyalty to the same culture to which their parents had shackled them.

Broccoli, cauliflower and the large variety of other cruciferous plants are especially beneficial with regards to cancer and other degenerative conditions, as are the sulfur containing vegetables, such as is found in the garlic and onion families.  There is a large variety of mushrooms which confer greatly enhanced immune capabilities and should, without hesitation, be included in any medicinally motivated dietary regimen, including but not limited to shitake, reishi, maitake, chagas, agaricus and the ordinary button, and portabellas.  Furthermore most of the edible berries are exceedingly important and almost asindispensible as seeds containing appropriate omega 3:omega 6 ratios found in hemp, flax and chia seeds. And finally, drinking the brewed leaves of the Camellia sinensis (green tea) plant has been benefiting humans for at least 5000 years.  

As stated, Western technology born of a fractionating, reductionist perspective, endeavors to dissect components of natural phenomena with the steadfast conviction that once the whole has been fractionated into isolated segments, these elements can be applied medicinally, e.g., to affect a “cure”. Without belaboring this fallacy any further, the ‘light’of understanding that pierces and eliminates the ‘shadow’ erroneously conceived of as “disease”likewise disappears its equally ephemeral defining opposite, “cure”.  

In the past several decades it has been discovered through Western technology that a very potent catechin, ECGC found in green tea has direct tumoricidal (cancer killing) effects and it is highly recommended to brew and drink several cups per day whether or not one has been diagnosed with cancer.  In addition to these effects, this amazing plant containsa multitude of potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing and neuroprotective phytochemicals, with broad application in precluding and inhibiting the necessity of corrective or homeostatic requirements.

The Brassica genus of plants,also known as cruciferousvegetables (mentioned previously) have been extensively researched and biochemically dissected so systematically and meticulously that their constituent molecular components have in large part all been named, classified and even exalted to such an extent that they have become known as the “king” of vegetables.  The “elements” found to be present in this group include but are not limited to the following: carotenoids, quercetin, organosulfides, flavonoids, indoles, dithiolthiones, isothiocyanates, keampferol, glucarates, terpenes, phenolic compounds such as coumarins, protease inhibitors, vitamin C, dietary fiber, selenium, tocopherols(vitamin E), B vitamins as well as magnesium, potassium and calcium, all of which are highly bio-available, hence readily absorbed.

The isothiocynates (ITC) are of particular interest in that they are produced de novo when the plants are crushed (chewed).  At this time, myrosinase mixes with and converts the glucosinoltes into ITC, which among other properties such as metabolizing estrogens safely, stimulates Phase II detoxification in the liver, eliminating toxins that have been prepared for excretion by Phase I processes.  This is exceedingly germane since we now, literally live in a sea of toxins.

It is neither necessary nor advantageous to elaborate any further regarding the degree to which the plants under discussion have been dissected and artificially labeled. Nature, the physical manifestation of the divine, produces no isolated ‘nutrients’ but rather an innumerable array of substances existing in a coherent, synergistic web whose effects are collaborative and defy comprehension.  

The catastrophic and heart rending destruction of many ofmother Earth’s ecosystems by the cyclopean Western mind, whose practices have determined the model for today’s worldwide zeitgeist,has overwhelmed and devoured thebalance once provided by Eastern thought.  This hideous behemoth arose out of an arrogant narcissism, which fashioned the modern world from the jaws of itsfabricated god, science; a heartless, soulless theocracy now poised to devour all that is sacred.

A resulting and obvious maxim from this discussion is that whatever practices are required to be restored to heath; the same are required to maintain health. Consequently, this very same native diet of humans precludes the necessity by the body to engage in corrective measures, for it will already be in exuberant health.  The overflowing energy and diminished deterioration of the body resulting from this indigenous lifestyle will then translate into an increased and delightful longevity, barring the unexpected bolt of lightning striking from above.